Witness for Christ

Every Christian by definition of that role is a witness. Hopefully, the Christian is a witness for Christ and not against him. What we say and what we do is a message to our personal world. Where we work and where we play, people know what we claim. They will of course check what we say and what we do against that claim. Like the moon reflects the sun, so the child of God reflects the Father. Check your reflection.

Language: If we participate in the language of the world we make ourselves part of the world. Telling off color jokes, the occasional swearing, gossip and in general, negative conversation says a lot about what we really believe. Talking down, failing to be considerate of others and sarcastic remarks all also tell-tell signs. Check your talk.

Behavior: How we conduct ourselves at work and on the way to work is also reflective of our true attitude. Rudeness has no place in the Christian’s life. Being truthful and honest does. It has often been said that people pay more attention to what we do than what we say. Check your actions.

That means, in a sense, that living for Jesus is more important than telling about Jesus. Or, to put it another way, before we tell people the good news we need to be living the good news.

We are to be witnesses for Christ, not only in word but also in deed. Have a blessed day serving him.

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