The Coming King

Jesus left this earth when his mission was accomplished. He left his disciples behind, ascending into heaven. The angels were quick to assure the disciples that Jesus would come back. On the cross, Jesus said that his work was finished. He left his place in heaven to become a man so that he might redeem man. He did that and then he left earth to return to heaven where he came from.

He is not coming back as creator, baby or a lamb. In that sense he is not returning as the risen Lord either. He has gone back to be with his father and receive the glory he had in the beginning. He is no longer a human but is part of the Godhead. He is coming back as the King of heaven, not the king of earth, as many think. His kingdom is not of this world. He made that plain prior to his crucifixion.

Before he left the earth to rejoin heaven, he prayed for restoration to the heavenly place he occupied before the creation. Read John 17:5 carefully. He is not asking for a glorified body so he can reign on the earth. He is letting us know he is resuming his place in the Godhead.

John 17:5  “Now, Father, glorify Me together with Yourself, with the glory which I had with You before the world was. NASU

Many today are looking for Jesus to return to earth to reign here. He already reigns here, he doesn’t need to come back to do that. He came to earth for one reason only, to bring about reconciliation between God and man. He has gone back to heaven to sit at the throne of God, not hardly a place for a man, even a glorified man. There is no flesh and blood in heaven. Jesus cannot be at the right hand of God and be flesh. Paul makes it plain in 1 Cor. 15:50.

Jesus is no longer the God/man, he is God. He was God in the beginning and he is God at the end. No amount of conjecture can make him stay a humble messiah on this earth. That is over. The King of Heaven, not just earth, reigns and he will come again with the angels of God, his angels when the time is right.

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