But, because you say so…

There are times when we don’t know the facts. We see the surface, the visible but we don’t know what’s deep inside. Sometimes our knowledge is limited and because of its limitations we may miss out on a great opportunity. At the same time we operated with too little information we seem reluctant to follow the advice of someone who has the information. I would like to illustrate that with a true story.

During a football game we were stymied on offense. We couldn’t seem to make much headway against our opponent’s defense. The offensive coordinator was new to this job and had trouble reading defenses. His idea of offense was to “mix it up.” He would run a play right and then left. Then he would run up the middle and then sweep. His mix was actually a pattern and even though we were the better team we were not making enough yards to score. A friend of mine was on the side line with us. He was a veteran coach and really understood the game. He had the ability to break defenses down with just a look at their alignment.

My friend stepped up to the offensive coordinator and spoke in his ear. He told him, “The hole is over the right tackle.” The offensive coordinator looked at him and sent in the play. We gained eight yards, the most of the game thus far. My friend spoke in his ear again, “The hole is over the right tackle.” This time when the play was sent in it was for the same run on the left side of the line. Result, one yard gain. My friend tried one more time. “Coach, the hole is over the right tackle.”  So we ran over the right tackle and gained ten yards. Want to guess what the next play was?

Later I asked the coordinator why he didn’t keep running off right tackle? He responded that it didn’t make any sense. He said they would be expecting it if we ran there every time. I asked him this question, “Do you know why you were successful on the right tackle but not the left?” His answer, as you would expect, was no. I then asked him a very important question, and one that all of us should consider. “Do you think my friend knew why?” He pondered this for some time before the truth dawned on him. “Yes, I think I do.”

I told him the story of the great catch of fish by Peter and the others who took a chance on the advice of someone who knew what they did not know. “But, because you say so…” There is a lot we don’t understand in this world but there is nothing that Jesus does not. We may think his method is not as good as ours or we may think we know all about it. We would do well to do what Jesus says because he says so.

Next time you aren’t making any yardage quit running your own plays and listen to the coach who knows and run his plays, just because he says so.

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