Comments on Verses from Prophets

Micah 5:10 “And in that day, declares the LORD, I will cut off your horses from among you and will destroy your chariots;”

Here’s the answer to those who trust in chariots and horses. It is among a long list of things that God will cut off and destroy. Those who trust in idols will see them melt away. All the man made means of opposing God will be as naught. This is the prophets’ theme from Isaiah to Malachi. Those who are disobedient will feel the anger and wrath of God’s vengeance.

The remnant of Jacob will be blessed like dew and showers on the grass. The remnant will be obedient and come to the Messiah. The disobedient will be destroyed but the obedient will be rewarded. The Messiah will accomplish all of this. In verse 5 of this chapter the prophet speaks of the Messiah and says, “And he shall be their peace.” Wonderful words to a people caught up in constant turmoil and war. Wonder words for us today in a similar world of turmoil and war. The remnant would be free from worry. The remnant would be sheltered from harm by God.

Task for Today: Forget armies and weapons. Fear not those who can only destroy the body. The body will be destroyed one way or another. Today fear the evil that can destroy the soul. Join the remnant by swearing allegiance to the Son of God. Put your trust in Jesus who destroys the armies of the world with a word.

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