Comments on Verses from Prophets

Jonah 4:4 “And the LORD said, ‘Do you do well to be angry?’”

Jonah does not answer the question this time and neither does God. It will be asked again. Jonah needed to think about his anger. He needed to think about who he was angry at and why he was angry. Jonah was angry at a gracious and merciful God who was Himself slow to anger but filled with love and forgiveness. He was angry with God because God was who He was and had the attributes he had.

Have you ever been angry with God because He failed to punish an evil doer? You felt justice should have been meted out and it wasn’t and your reaction was to be upset with God. We don’t want to be punished but we would be happy if other evil doers were. You know, receive their just reward. But for us, give us mercy, please God.

Task for Today: Answer the question if you find any anger directed towards others or to God about others. When is it well? When more than 120,000 innocents are among the guilty? God thinks so. Today, look for the innocent instead of the guilty. Be angry at the injustice in the world. There is plenty of that. Rejoice at repentance. There isn’t as much of that.

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