Comments on Verses from Prophets

Hosea 1:9 “And the LORD said, ‘Call his name Not My People, for you are not my people, and I am not your God.’”

If God is not your God then you are not His people. In this case the people gave up first. They rejected being the People of God and so finally, when nothing else could be done God had to give them up. These three names tell a sad story of Israel’s fall from grace through their enjoyment of idols. The poet said that the “Saddest words of tongue and pen are these, it might have been.” What could it have been for Israel if they had remained the People of God and He had remained their God?

I watch the news and read the paper. We once touted America as a Godly nation, a people of God. We put Him on our seal, our money, in Congress and the White House and in every school in America. We thanked Him for our freedom and for a great land to enjoy them in. We sang his praises in church buildings, school auditoriums and in concert halls across the land. I wonder now if God is still our God and if Americans are still His people. Might He have lost patience with us as He did with Israel and later Judah? One thing I do know that in America and other nations are the people of God and He will save them on the last day when the wind sown today become the final whirlwind.

Task for Today: Who is your God today? Don’t rush to speech. Think about what you say and what you do and how you live. Might you be caught up in the rush to judgment of the God of all the earth? He is still alive and in the control of the destiny of the world. He sets nations up and takes them down. A lawless, unafraid America is not protected by the desire of founding fathers but is subject to the loss of mercy because of her behavior. Examine your life today and like the song told you, “Get right with God.”

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