Hebrews 11:35

“Women received back their dead by resurrection. Some were tortured, refusing to accept release so that they might rise again to a better life.”

This reference sounds as much like the New Testament as it does the Old. I’m sure we will have no difficulty finding the references whichever way we look. God is the God of life. He is the God of renewed life as well as the God of new life. Starting with Abraham and then Abraham and Isaac, God has demonstrated His desire to give men eternal life.

I think the emphasis here should be on the last part of the verse. The better life part. This book refers to something better over and over. Everything about the new covenant is better, thus making the covenant itself a better covenant. Regardless of how much we are enjoying this life, it should thrill us to know that the next one is so much better. So much better that people were willing to undergo torture to hasten their entrance into the better world.

Task for Today: Major question of the day. Do you believe in the resurrection to a better life? If we cling to this one, what does that say about our desire for the next one? When our faith is strong enough, we will be able to embrace death as a friend that will lead us to an unbelievable life with God. May He increase our faith.

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