Hebrews 11:18

“…of whom it was said, ‘Through Isaac shall your offspring be named.”

He was in the act of offering Isaac, knowing that Isaac was key to the promise. Plain as day, God said Isaac would be the source of the great nation God would make of Abraham’s decisions. Then comes the command to take Isaac’s life. Isaac was the only son of promise. He was the only son through Sarah. At this point, he was the only son as far as Abraham was concerned, and as far as God was concerned.

In a way, this entire story of Abraham and Isaac is hard to understand. It flies in the face of what we could consider proper. We might well wonder if God is being fair in creating this situation. Many in history and many today have a preconceived idea of what is ‘good’ and what is ‘bad.’ We think that God should act according to our rules, and we think our ways are the only ways. God warns through the prophet Isaiah that His ways are not ours, and His thoughts are not ours. We have problems recognizing that God sees a big picture and has His own goals in mind. In our opinion, the world to come should already be here. We think earth should work like heaven, but it doesn’t. God is not bound by our concept of God. He doesn’t have to fit our description of God since He has His own identity. He says it, “I am who I am.”

Task for Today: Keep in mind today that God is the ruler of the universe and makes all the rules. You must believe that He does the right thing. That was Abraham’s understanding of who God was. In spite of what we think is right, God does what is right. Just quote Abraham; “Will not the God of all the earth do right?”

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