Hebrews 7:18

“For, on the one hand, a former commandment is set aside because of its weakness and uselessness.”

We are about to get two reasons that God abolished the first law. This verse gives us the first one. The Law, as given to Moses, had two fatal flaws. First, the Law was weak. It lacked the power to forgive sin eternally because it was based on a physical rather than a spiritual premise. Second, the Law was uselessness. This is a step beyond weak, isn’t it? We might say that it’s greatest weakness was that in the end, it was useless. It could not bring about perfection. It made nothing perfect.

The former commandment was very temporary, although it seemed permanent to the Jews. It was valid for them as long as they constituted God’s Holy People. But with the advent of Jesus, the Holy People of God was changed to include those who believed and obeyed Jesus as the only begotten Son. Once the makeup of the people of God went beyond the Jews to include all peoples, a different commandment was needed.

Task for Today: Understand that you are not a part of the Jewish nation but the New Israel. Therefore you are not subject to the Law, including the Ten Commandments. You are under a new covenant made possible by the blood of Jesus. He is your high priest. Make the new covenant your rule of life.

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