Hebrews 6:14

“…saying, ‘Surely I will bless you and multiply you.’”

This phrase contains the seed of the promise God made to Abraham. It has two parts one having to do with Abraham’s family and the other having to do with Abraham’s own life. Over and over, we will see one part of the promise come true in the life of men in the world. Those who live by faith will be blessed. How they are blessed may vary from person to person, but blessings come to the faithful. That is not only a blessing to Abraham but to all his descendants in faith. Those who live like Abraham will be blessed like Abraham.

Abraham was multiplied in two significant ways. First, his children in the flesh multiplied into two large races of people that occupied most of the known world. Second, his children in the Spirit multiplied to all races of people over all of time. Those who trust God like Abraham continue to multiply and spread the news about God into the remotes parts of the earth.

Task for Today: If you are a “spiritual” descendant of Abraham, count your blessings. Share your faith. Make your God known to the world.

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