Hebrews 6:2

“…and of instruction about washings, the laying on of hands, the resurrection of the dead, and eternal judgment.”

Here are the rest of the elementary doctrines our author is pointing to. Baptism is a fundamental issue, and once the person has gone through the act, there is no need to keep on talking about it. Move on. The laying on of hands was also a fundamental issue in the early church, and continuing discussion was not required. We might think discussing the resurrection and the last judgment something that should be visited over and over. Not so we are told. They are elementary doctrines. They are also factual items that do not need discussion or debate as the references to them are very plain.

Think about it from the author’s point of view. Once you have been baptized for the forgiveness of sins, you don’t need to do it again or discuss it at great lengths. Once you understand the resurrection of Christians, you only need to claim it, not argue it. It is a fact and can’t be changed by debate. This is true of these basic doctrinal matters. The writer has some deeper things he wants to discuss. He feels he can’t do that because their minds are occupied with elementary truths.

Task for Today: We are about to enter into some important doctrines in the following pages. Get your mind ready by leaving the easy stuff and preparing for the more complex. Try Paul and Peter’s letters. Take notes. Look at the references provided in the text of your Bible. Use a topical Bible, Bible Dictionary, and a solid commentary. Write down questions that come to you. Try to record what you understand the text to be saying.

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