Hebrews 5:3

“Because of this, he is obligated to offer sacrifice for his own sins just as he does for those of the people.”

The fact that the Levitical high priest is beset with weakness means that he too is in need of sacrifice. Before he can offer a sacrifice for the people, he must first be clean of sins himself. To have his own sins forgiven, he must then offer a personal sacrifice before he offers a general sacrifice for all the nation. This was the law up until the time of Jesus, as all high priests found themselves guilty of sin, and thus unable to perform their duties in that sinful state.

This arrangement meant that no lasting or permanent sacrifice could be made. Year after year, the Day of Atonement came and went. Generation after generation saw a renewal of sacrifices on that special day. Each year they were reminded of their sins and the need for another sacrifice to even the score, if only for another year.

A new type of high priest was needed. One that could offer sins for the people and not himself thus ending the yearly sacrifices. That one would come in the fullness of time in the personage of Jesus. The sacrifice would become the sacrifice, thus bringing to an end the need for sacrifice.

Task for Today: Be thankful today that your sins are wiped away in the blood of the Lamb. Your sins have been forgiven through the sacrifice of the Son of God. Shout hallelujah!

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