Hebrews 2:15

“…and deliver all those who through fear of death were subject lifelong slavery.”

This is the second reason Jesus became human, suffered, and paid our debt of death. He wanted us to be free of the fear of death and the slavery it brings. We have been slow to understand this, and many in the world, including Christians, still live in fear of death. We fear the end of flesh and blood life because we have not grasped completely the meaning of life itself.

We become slaves to this life and this world in part because we find no connection with the world to come and life within it. We view the two worlds, much like the adage of a bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush. We, like Esau, settle for a bowl of soup when we could have a buffet. Nothing in this world compares to the world to come, certainly not the life of sorrow and pain we find in it, but we cling to it as if that is all there is.

Jesus died not only to free us from the power of Satan but also to free us from fear of that power. It is a shame that we have failed to grasp the significance of what Jesus has done for us. It is a shame that we continue to live in fear of our earthly lives when we have the promise of living forever.

Task for Today: What about you personally? Do you live in fear or joy? Do you live with dread or with expectation? Today, you should claim the promise God has given to you. By all means, embrace living forever and forget that your flesh and blood life will end.

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