Psalm 141:3

“Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth; keep watch over the door of my lips!” (Psalm 141:3)

We go to the book of James in the New Testament and discover that controlling our tongue is more than an easy challenge. In fact, James makes it such an accomplishment that if we could do that we could do all sorts of things. Yet, the tongue has to be controlled. We have to pay attention to our words. We must give an account for every single word we utter. Scary? Should be.

What can we do? How do we get our arms around this fire boiling from within and exposing us on the outside? If you have reached the age of being accountable before PGod, you know you are a miserable failure in controlling your words. In spite of every effort, you miss the mark. The tongue is indeed a wild animal.  But please notice that the psalmist has a solution. It is a typical Biblical solution in that it doesn’t have any earthly exercises attached. No courses need to be taken, and no test need to be passed. It’s not an earthly thing. Like I said, it’s like most of the problems we can’t seem to get under control on our own.

We need to ask God for help. No wisdom? Ask God. Want mercy? Ask God. And so on and on it goes. Having trouble with your tongue? Ask God. Please set a guard on my mouth, God because I can’t do it alone. You keep watch over my lips please God because I am a total failure at the endeavor.

Task for Today: Do it. Ask God. Make it a habit every day. When you get up is a good time. When you are about to “lose it” is a good time. He who asks has a real good chance of receiving. On the other hand your chances of success or small to nothing when going it alone. Nothing wrong and everything right in just saying, “Help me, Lord.”

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