Psalm 62:8

‘Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your heart before him; God is a refuge for us.” (Psalm 62:8)

Twice in this psalm, David makes the point that his soul waits in silence for God. David sees God as a rock, a fortress, and the means of deliverance. For David, God is the mighty rock of refuge, and in God, he cannot and will not be shaken by the attacks of his foes. Having such a conviction in his own life, he encourages others to find the same security.

We do not have to grow old to discover that there is very little we can truly trust in this world. God is a mighty rock while all else is but shifting sand. Trusting in self might or self attainments is foolish. Trusting in knowledge or wealth is likewise a grave mistake. More importantly, trusting in humankind to provide us with deliverance is a bad mistake. Only God is completely trustworthy. He will never let us down, nor will He ever leave us.

I think it’s compelling that David would encourage his readers to pour out their hearts to God. Very few of us have a counselor who absolutely keeps the innermost thoughts of our hearts hidden. Because of that, we are reluctant to share those thoughts. We keep them hidden, even from ourselves and thus we hinder the healing that comes from confessing. God is a place of safety. He keeps secret counsel, and since He knows us anyway, we are not really telling him something He doesn’t already know.

Task for Today: There is one you can trust. Open your heart to God today. Tell Him those hidden secrets. As you empty yourself, real healing can and will begin. God is faithful to forgive and to save. Whatever we share with Him, He will strengthen us. Trust Him to fulfill your deepest dreams and desires. He and only He can make you what you need to be.

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