Psalm 46:1

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” (Psalm 46:1)

What a comforting thought. We all have or will experience trouble. Knowing that we have a strong refuge is a marvelous boost to our moral. The question that might arise here is, do we call on that strength and seek that refuge when trouble arises or do we try to handle it ourselves?

Having that kind of refuge and understanding that it is ever-present should be a great comfort to us. The psalmist says we will not fear even if a calamity occurs. That is real trust in God as our savior when we can say that and believe that. I will not fear! Can you say that or do you find yourself questioning your future when bad things happen?

A mighty fortress is our God! Why are we hesitant to call on Him? Do we think God can’t or do we think God won’t? Either way, we are thinking the wrong thing. In the first place, there is no problem that God cannot solve. There is no danger that God cannot overcome. No tragedy beyond His ability to cope with it. Furthermore, there is no problem that God is reluctant to solve. God not only is able, But He is also willing. We only need to trust Him.

Task for Today: Do not be afraid of anything in the world today. Nothing and the book says nothing, is impossible for God. Nothing and the book says nothing will prevent Him from saving you. His love is everlasting, rely on it. His grace is free, accept it. Go behind the walls of God and take refuge.

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