Psalm 5

“But let all who take refuge in you rejoice, let them ever sing for joy…” (Psalm 5:11)

We sing, “Safe in the arms of Jesus,” understanding that He is our refuge in time of trouble and strife. That should be a song of joy. All songs that reference Jesus as savior should be sung with joy. Even at death services, songs of deliverance should be sung with joy.

Do you have a favorite joy song? While you have taken refuge in God through Jesus do you not feel a great happiness? When you awake in the morning, do you do so with the joy of the living God in your heart, soul, and mind? If not, maybe it’s because you haven’t taken refuge in God. Your mind is then filled with the worries and cares of the new day dawning. There is no joy when you face the day alone for the day has too many troubles. Jesus said enough of its own anyway.

Sin does not produce joy, but forgiveness does. Fear of death does not produce joy, but the assurance that you are asleep in Jesus does. Walking in darkness does not produce joy but living in the sunlight of His love does.

Think about what the psalmist is saying. Those who have God as their shield can “ever” sing for joy. Every minute of every day the saved ones can sing with and for joy. If we truly trust in Jesus, then our tears are wiped away, and our hearts are made glad.

Task for Today: Are you singing for joy? If not why not? Why are you sad? If you are a child of God, nothing can take you away from Him. Take refuge in God! Please! Let go and let God is the way to happiness. Jesus absolutely puts a song in your heart. Sing it!

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