Psalm 2

“He who sits in the heavens laughs; the Lord holds them in derision,” (Psalm 2:4).

I have long been fascinated by this verse about the reign of God’s anointed son. For a long time, it seemed out of character in its description of God to me. Certainly, it is speaking of God’s judgment on the leaders of the nations who failed to recognize God and His Son. These are people who are in open rebellion against God and think they can escape His judgment and wrath. The psalmist seems to be using words that his readers would understand in expressing God’s concern about the rebellion.

Who are these people who think they can taunt God? They go so far as to threaten to burst the bonds and cut the cords that bind them to God. The psalmist thinks this is laughable and he pictures God looking down at such men and laughing at them. The idea of derision is that God would consider such plans as total foolishness. The man who says there is no God, which is basically what these kings were doing, is a fool. God sees this action of the kings as foolishness.

Man has not learned much in the time he has inhabited the earth. Even today men are saying there is no God and thus burst the bonds and cut the cords that connect them with God. They think they are the gods of the world and deny the true God and his Son. They have infiltrated the academic world to the extent that they influence the thinking of a large percent of the oncoming generation. They think they have banished God from the universe but more importantly from the public’s consciousness.

God is not so easily dismissed by men. Don’t believe me ask Noah’s generation or the Hebrews who spent forty years wandering the wilderness. We think we have accomplished great things because we have discovered God’s secrets without giving God credit for the secrets in the first place. This is vanity. God is not mocked. Instead, he laughs at mankind’s ignorance.

Task for Today: You have heard about the wisdom of not spitting in the wind, tugging on Superman’s coat or sassing your mother, well, all those ideas are nothing compared with taunting God. Don’t do it. Don’t be a fool. Laud Him as king and ruler of the universe.

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