All or Nothing

“I testify again to every man who accepts circumcision that he is obligated to keep the whole law.” (Gal. 5:3)

Just like its Jesus and nothing else so it is with the law. Can’t take just a few selected rules and keep them. Paul is clear on this point. If you accept circumcision (or any other aspect of the law) you put yourself under the obligation to keep every single law. That’s how it always was and that’s why it failed to bring righteousness or justification.

The Judaizers were trying to talk the Galatians into one additional commandment of the law. We know the Galatians were already keeping some of the feast and special days. Just one more thing and then perhaps one more thing. But, Paul is adamant. Keep one and you have to keep the entire law. Who wants that burden?

Today we must be careful not to go back under a system of law. We know that our salvation was a result of grace and we must believe that what brought us salvation will keep us saved. The same grace that saved us when we obeyed the gospel will keep us saved as we continue to obey the words of Christ. When God recreated us in Christ He created us to do good works. Those works are for every Christian and we should delight in doing them. What we must not do is turn those works into a salvation system that replaces grace.

Task for Today: Stay busy as a Christian. God made you for good works and you should do them. Do them because you want to because you love Christ and wish to please Him. Just don’t do them for salvation or to remain saved. Maintain your faith and walk in His light.

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