You Did Me No Wrong

“Brothers, I entreat you, become as I am, for I also have become as you are. You did me no wrong.” (Gal. 4:12)

Is Paul feeling a sense of estrangement from the churches he began in Galatia? Is he afraid that his harsh words may make it worse? After all, this is the only letter to a church in which he doesn’t begin by thanking God for them. As in every case, the Galatian brethren were a work of love. Paul doesn’t want to lose them and he can’t not speak the truth.

Paul begs for there to be a unity of purpose between him and them. He wants it clear that his letter is not because of some personal reason. His feelings are not hurt, he has fond memories of them and their concern for him. In the verses that follow it is certain that Paul felt the emotion of love from these converts. It pains him, we’ve already noticed, to have to scold them.

Peace among brethren should be the aim of every Christian and every Christian should work towards that goal. Let there be peace in the church and let it begin with me should be the motto every saint. But, we might ask, what if a brother or sister does do us wrong? We should have the same attitude in us that was in Christ. What did he do when he was wrong? Did he answer back? Did he strive to get even? Of course not. He kept quiet and he forgave. He did not hit back or harm by word or deed.

Task for Today: Learn to swallow your words. Keep your hands in your pockets. Practice forgiveness, earnestly. Be a peacemaker. Encourage others to be peaceful as well. This is a good way to be light and salt in a world needing both desperately.

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