Sing for Joy

“O satisfy us in the morning with Your lovingkindness, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days.” (Psalm 90:14)


This morning the building was filled at Westgate. Where my wife and I sat there were several rows of teens in front of us. The singing was absolutely fabulous. I saw hands raised to give God glory and the very fervor of the singing told me people were praising him in their hearts as well as with their lips.


Just listening to the singing all around me made me want to sing and sing I did. We’re told to make a joyful noise to the Lord and that is what I was doing. All around me others were doing the same thing. Psalm 90 came to mind. It’s all about the eternal nature of God and the fragile nature of man. Our days are numbered this psalm teaches us. Seventy is a good number but if we are strong then eighty might be our years. Either way, we are so temporary.


Eighty years is a long time for us. I’m rapidly approaching my eightieth birthday and I feel the message of this psalm. A thousand years is like one of ours to God which is to say that God does not feel the weight of time. It is in this wonderful psalm that we hear the words, ‘we fly away.’


Whether we live seventy or eighty or even more they are meaningless years if they are not spent in the loving-kindness of God. To be in his kingdom, to be a part of his family and to know the saving power of his Son, Jesus the Christ changes the days of our lives into something worthwhile. Knowing that lovingkindness and recognizing it for what it is, causes us to want to sing for joy.


Having the lovingkindness of our Lord every morning brings such satisfaction to our life that we have to sing for joy. This loving-kindness means that I can take that joy of singing into my life each day and be glad all my days. Did you notice that in our verse? “…and be glad all our days.” I wish I had put this verse to work in my life sooner. Those sad days I had were not necessary. God’s loving-kindness should have satisfied me every morning of my life and would have if I had been receptive.


How many days are left? I don’t know. I do know that I have a choice in how to experience them. I can be sad, depressed and unhappy. My songs can be slow and low and show no joy. But it’s not necessary. I can wake up in the loving-kindness of God every morning for the rest of my life and sing a song of joy as I do.


Task for Today: Claim the joy God gives. Sing it back to him. Be happy today. Every day can be like this morning at Westgate. Sing on you joyful pilgrims.


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