Thoughts on the Holy Spirit

“Do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption.” (Eph. 4:30)

The Holy Spirit is God, one of the three in the Godhead. The Holy Spirit is special because He is God in us. God gifted faithful saints with the Holy Spirit. He doesn’t live in the word or in a box or a special building or place. He lives inside the Christian’s temple. If you are a Christian, then the Holy Spirit, i.e., God lives inside of you. Your body is a temple, and the temple is the dwelling place of God. In a sense, the Church, which is composed of Christians is the Holy place.

God’s covenant is there, and so God is there as well. Ruling our hearts and our lives if we allow it. The Holy Spirit is there to provide help and guidance. When we refuse His guidance, we cause Him grief. When we fail to follow God’s instructions by the leading of the Spirit, it is a cause of sadness to God in the form of the Spirit.

In his letter to the Thessalonians Paul tells them not to “quench the Spirit.” In both of these warnings, there is the sense of the Christian not giving the Holy Spirit control of their souls. The Holy Spirit is a positive. He is to be embraced. He is to be welcomed and listened to. He is to be followed and obeyed.

Are you in tune with the Spirit? Does the Spirit lead you in your daily life?

The Ephesians are also told that the Holy Spirit of God is all a means of sealing. Things are sealed to keep them intact, whole and useful. The seal is a kind of guarantee that what is sealed is authentic, the real deal. When God imparted his gift of the Holy Spirit to the Christian, he was not only furnishing a guide for the right kind of life he was saying “this is my child and he/she is protected by me from eternal loss.”

When redemption is finally realized all those who were sealed with the Holy Spirit will receive their guaranteed inheritance. The presence of the  Holy Spirit will bear testimony that they are saved.

Task for today: Acknowledge the presence of the Holy Spirit in your inner temple and give Him free reign over your soul. Thank God that he has sealed you for the day he will redeem you, for the guarantee that you are saved. Don’t grieve or quench. Yield, submit, honor the Spirit that is in you.

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