How to Walk 

“Therefore I, the prisoner of the Lord, implore you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling with which you have been called,” (Eph. 4:1)

The walk is sometimes referred to as “your walk.” It describes a way of life or a manner of living. Paul is not much on physical advice, but he’s right on as far as spiritual advice is concerned. He is concerned about the way the Ephesians church, the faithful saints are living. He calls it their walk.

His concern is not about when or where or why but how. What manner of walk are they walking? Is it a worthy walk or an unworthy walk? Isn’t that the way it always is. Everything seems to end up in a choice. Up or down, right or left, good or bad and so on. Our daily life is like standing at a fork and having to decide to take the one that goes that way or the one that goes this way. Like the poet, Robert Frost said about the choice, “It made all the difference.”

So we are to walk in a manner worthy. How do we determine a thing’s worth? How do we determine value? Perhaps we can examine the thing’s cost. We’ve been called, Paul makes sure we understand that. From what and to what were we (are we) called. Earlier in the letter, he made it plain where the Ephesians were called from. We too were aliens, without God, promise or hope. In a foreign land so to speak. Deep in sin and threatened with death.

God called us from sin and death to forgiveness and life. Should we still walk like sinners? Should we still walk like dead men? Paul thinks not. He begs them to realize what has happened to them, the faithful saints who are inhabited by the very Spirit of the Living God. Walk like saved men he could say. Walk like a person who has been raised from the dead, rescued from hell, given hope eternal, and made partakers of the promises of God.  

How’s your walk? Is it worthy of your calling?

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