His mercy endures forever.

The psalmist repeats that statement 26 times in the 136th Psalm. Do you think he might be trying to make a point? The New American Standard Version Updated translates it as loving kindness. Either way, it endures forever.

I just left the hospital where my good friend Ron is undergoing open heart surgery. I was able to pray with him before they took him to the OR. The prayer was meaningful because the two of us believe that the mercy of God endures forever. I asked God to be with the doctor who would perform the surgery as well as the nurses. He will. I know he will, because his loving kindness last forever.

Ron will be in the OR for four or more hours. He will have tubes and lines and all sorts of machines hooked up to him but his greatest life support will be the God whose mercy never ends. The skilled hands of the doctors will be guided by the greatest physician the world has ever known, because that Divine Doctor is not only awesome in power but his loving kindness goes on and on. It will outlast the four or more hours of surgery. It will outlast every trial of life.

Anyway you look at it, Ron is in good hands. He believes in a God who has everlasting love and grace. His God gives mercy that endures forever.

Suppose you were in Ron’s place this morning, how confident would you be? Is the God of infinite mercy your God? Are you his child on whom he lavishes every good gift? Do you live each day in the knowledge that God is a God of loving kindness toward you?

Jesus made a promise for his steadfast love when he said, “I will never leave you or forsake you.” His steadfast love endures forever. “Yeah, though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, he will be with us.” You can believe that because his mercy endures forever.

But what if I am unfaithful? you might ask. He is faithful. What if I’ve sinned? He forgives. His mercy endures forever. “But…” There is no but with God, his faithful love is without end. He is patient and kind and his loving kindness last longer than your life.

I’ll be praying for Ron over the next few hours of his surgery and his long recovery. Will you join me? While we pray for Ron, let’s remember to thank God for his mercy towards us that will endure forever.

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