Endangered Earth

I am not a politician or a scientist and barely qualify for a wannabe theologian. This, however, I know: The only danger to the earth is God. Men are so focused on themselves that like the tower of Babel builders they think they control things. Whatever you believe about global warming and all other means of destroying the great planet earth I would like you to relax just a little. God is in control. God has it. Be a good citizen of earth and leave the creator and sustainer to do his work.

Truth: God is creator and sustainer of the universe, which includes the sphere you live on. He did not need man’s help in creating the earth and he doesn’t need man’s help in keeping it going. Do you really think he does? It will not get hotter or colder than he wants. It won’t get wetter or dryer than he wants. Gases or no gases, exploitation or no exploitation the earth will survive until God is ready to consume it. At that point no treaty or conference or agreement among nations or men will stand in God’s way. To God be the glory!

Those who are afraid for their lives on earth need to spend some time in Psalms 65. Read this psalm about a dozen times or more. Read it out loud. Follow that up with Job 38 and 39. We have become so wise in our own eyes that we think we are in control of the earth and our own human destiny. It is a form of idolatry to believe that we can take ownership of the earth from God and make it in our own image. Just think for a minute about Job 38:31, “Can you bind the chains of the Pleiades, or loose the cords of Orion?” Well, God can. In the scale of things where does that put man? God dependent is where it puts man, not the other way around.

Man is not as smart as he thinks he is. He is but dust. He cannot build a tower to the heavens and he cannot change the temperature of the earth. He can only think he is powerful and such boasting is a denial of the true ruler of the universe. I am not denying or affirming global warming. It’s probably happened before. It may happen again. As God wills.

I personally don’t worry about global warming or cooling. I do worry some about evil and the horror it produces. I wish we would turn our energy and money to eliminating the things that cause the murder on our streets and in our homes. I worry about the abuses of people to people. The hatred I hear on the news is something we can control. The righteousness of the saints can change the moral climate which is much more important than a temperature change of a degree or two. I wish we would hug more children and less trees. I wish we would let God be God and get to the real task God gave us on this planet; sharing the good news of Jesus.”

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