“Adam named his wife Eve…”

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” I’m not in disagreement with Shakespeare but in this case there happens to be a lot in the name Adam gave his wife. We’re not told if she named him, just that he named her. But we are told why he gave her the name Eve. She was to be the mother of all living beings. Adam did not have a mother and neither did Eve. The rest of us all have a mother. We have birthmothers, adoptive mothers, mothers who raised us and maybe some other type mother. But we do have a mother.

Eph. 6:2 tells us that we are to honor our mothers. Sunday is a great day to do that if you need a special day. Even if you don’t honor her on this special day anyway. What does a mother want for mother’s day? Answer #1, her child. Answer #2 her child on the phone. Flowers and gift cards and a top notch lunch are nice extras. They are not substitutes however. If humanly possible, go see your mom and take out to eat, or take her flowers on take her a beautiful card. If not humanly possible then call her and tell her how much you miss seeing her and how thankful you are that she is your mom. Send flowers, gift cards or arrange for a special meal at her favorite restaurant.

My mother, and Grace’s mother have been dead for many years. What we would give to be able to see them and talk to them. We can’t. The day will come when you can’t. Don’t be in the position of looking back and wishing you had done more. We honor our mothers by memory. We did our best to let them know when they were still with us how much we loved and appreciated them. I wish I had done more. Like most folks, I could have.

Don’t wait till Monday to say, “I should have gone to mom’s,” or “I should have called mom.” Plan ahead. Honor your mother, the first commandment with a promise.

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