“But now faith, hope, love, abide these three…”

While on the subject of threes I thought I would mention this one from Paul’s letter to the church in Corinth. There are a lot of ideas and concepts in the world. Various principles of social welfare have been declared. None of the things of this world have within them real staying power but Paul’s three abide to the very end our lives.

Faith is the means of knowing and then obeying God. It is, as the Good Book says, the assurance of that for which we hope. And what do we hope for if not for life eternal? Faith is the constant knowing that God will do as he promised. Faith is the absence of doubt. Faith is also evidence of the unseen. We believe but have not witnessed for ourselves. Faith leads us to put God in our heart and thus live every day in his presence though he is not seen. There is plenty of evidence but no proof except by faith. When knowledge ceases faith will still be with us.

Hope is confidence in the word and promise God has made to us. It is not based on wishful thinking but on the surety of one who cannot lie. This hope is so real that it is almost wrong to think of it as hope. Hope in God is a sure thing, no risks being taken. We stand on the promises of God assured that our hope is tied to anchor so strong that no act of this world can change it. Hope and faith, two ways to say, “I believe God is truthful and all he said will come to pass”.

Love is where I’m at. Where all Christians are. Love is the verb that denotes positive action on the part of God. He will do me no wrong, can do me no wrong because he loves me and love is the action of doing what is best for others. God demonstrated his love to us in that while we were in the middle of transgressions he gave his son up to pay for those transgressions so we might believe his love and have the hope of living with him forever. We love him because he love us, not the other way around. If love has an ultimate ceiling, then that is the love that God has for us. “To the moon and back” is a great love but God’s love goes to the ends of the universe. No limits on love as far as God is concerned.

I hope today you are experiencing God’s love and that through that love you are exhibiting strong faith in the one who loves you. If so, your hope is as sure as if it were stamped by the seal of heaven itself.

Thank you God for your unsurpassed love towards me.

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