No Greater Love

Today in our forty days of prayer we are praying for the law enforcement departments and the firemen.  Everyday these men and women don their uniforms and go into our neighborhoods to protect and serve. Often they are called upon to give their lives in defense of those neighborhoods and the people who live in them.

Today is a severe weather alert day. Schools letting out early and everyone urged to stay put. Doesn’t apply to the men in uniform, locally or nationally. If a traffic light goes out a policeman will stand in the rain and wind and direct traffic for those who can’t stay home (or won’t). If there is a wreck or fire the FD will be on the move, risking their own bodies in an effort to help others.

Jesus was explaining what was happening on the cross when he said there is no greater love than for one to lay down his life for his friend. Like Jesus, the FD, PD, and Sheriff’s Department lay down lives for strangers. The least we can do for them is pray today that God will keep them safe.

Stay put in the storm today knowing that God, Jesus and their appointed helpers are looking out for you. Thank you God for Jesus and thank you Jesus for the cross. Thank you men who serve our community for you dedication and bravery.

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