“Preach the gospel at all times; when

necessary use words,” (Francis of Assisi).

One of the things that hurt the spread of the gospel the most was the ‘invention’ of the preacher. The advent of ‘clergy’ and lay, placed a great responsibility of preaching on a select few and excused the rest of Christendom to the role of listeners. By sending preachers to theological schools and vastly ignoring the education of the rest of the brotherhood, the spreading of the gospel became a profession instead of a vocation.

Most of us think of preaching the gospel as something done by professional ministers and see our job as inviting the lost to ‘church’.  So much for the word part.

All Christians are in fact preachers. Every word and deed that we are responsible for reflects Jesus or not. In the store, on the playing field, at our work station, in the car, at the park, we are preaching. Whether we are preachers or not isn’t the question. The question is, “Are we preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ?”. Can people see the story of Jesus in our lives as well as our words?

Is our life style, our interactions and our motives all saying, “Jesus came to save you from your sin and to give you a heavenly reward.”? This is just a reminder for us to keep in mind today, as we venture out on our way, “Let others see Jesus in me.”

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