This World or the Next?

The devil next offered Jesus authority over all the kingdoms of the world. Satan offered to throw in their splendor for no extra charge. All Jesus had to do was agree to worship him. Jesus reminded him that God is the only one who is to be worshiped. Two important lessons are available for us here.

  1. Satan has authority over the world and all its glory.
  2. Anyone can enjoy the world with Satan if they are willing to worship him.

If we choose Satan we gain the world and it’s splendor.

If we choose God we gain the world to come and it’s magnificence glory.

Jesus didn’t want this world or any of its glory. He wanted the coming kingdom and the glory he had before this world was begun. To have this world would require him to reject God as the one and only God. He reminded Satan that God requires those who follow him to worship only him.

That is man’s biggest challenge isn’t it? Choosing just one God and choosing just one world. We want the world and its glitter but we also want the world to come. This lesson from Jesus makes it plain that you can’t have both.

Joshua told Israel to choose which God. Satan told Jesus to choose which God. God asks us to choose which God.

Who are you choosing?

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